Water Damage From Roof Leaks

water damage cheraw, water damage cleanup cheraw, water damage restoration cherawWhen a winter storm approaches and the rain and snow start to fall, the last thing you want to worry about is having to repair a leak in your roof….or water damage in your house because of a leak in your roof. Unfortunately, roof leaks do happen and can happen to new homes that should be safe from major structural damage. When water damage becomes an issue in your Cheraw home, it’s important to contact the professional water damage restoration team at Dixie Dry to cleanup the damage and minimize the spread of water damage and mold. 

Here are a few things to think about when water is causing a disaster: 

  1. Immediate Water Extraction IS Necessary – When you see water pouring into your home from your roof, your first instinct might be to run and grab a towel, bucket, or a mop. While that may temporarily fix the problem, it will not extract all the water from the affected area. In fact, did you know that permanent water damage can begin almost immediately? Having the water damage cleanup professionals come in and cleanup the water damage will ensure that the entire thing gets cleaned up and no permanent damage is caused. 
  2. Mold Is A Risk Right Away – As stated above, water damage can start almost immediately. Mold almost always accompanies water damage and can start to grow in as little as twenty four to forty eight hours in environments that are wet and warm. Having professionals come in and cleanup will reduce the risk of mold damage because they have powerful, industry-level equipment that can remove and thoroughly dry any amount of water. 
  3. Save Time And Money – Now, this may seem backward, but calling the professionals will actually save you money! While you may think that you are saving a few dollars by cleaning up the water damage yourself, you actually can cause more damage and that will cost way more money in the future. These professionals will be able to detect where the source of the water is coming from, and how to quickly get rid of the water. That way, it saves you time AND money! 
  4. You Are The Priority – A lot of times, we start a project, and then when we think it is “good enough for now,” we leave it to tend to our other tasks that come with daily living. However, by calling professionals to take care of the water damage cleanup, you can be sure that the problem will be fixed from start to finish and make sure your home is in the condition it was in before the water damage happened. The team at Dixie Dry is dedicated to you and will not leave the project until we are sure that it is safe and no water damage is left. This will allow you to stay in your comfy pants, and let the professionals do their job! 

It is comforting to know that when water damage happens, you have the resources to fix the problem. Don’t waste any time. Contact the local professionals at Dixie Dry in Cheraw to take care of your water damage cleanup needs.