Common Spots For Water Damage

It’s impossible to protect your Chesterfield home from every emergency. Fortunately, a quick inspection of the areas of your home most susceptible to water damage can help mitigate the risk. By knowing what these areas are and exactly what to look for, we at Dixie Dry are confident you can save yourself from potential water damage since you will know exactly where to focus your water damage prevention efforts.

Hot Water Heaters

Water heaters typically have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. Even before the life expectancy comes to its end, you should have it inspected annually to make sure everything is in working order. Your water heater should be a priority because floods coming from water damage tend to be more serious.

The Roof

There are many different opportunities for water to leak in through your roof. A couple of the most common are loose or damaged shingles, fallen tree limbs that damage the roof, and puddling of water on top of the roof.

Air Conditioners

Just because your AC unit is properly cooling your home, it may still be causing water damage to your home. To make sure everything is working correctly, you should have it inspected annually. Attic air conditioners can cause the most damage because water can leak throughout the entire home. Install both a drain pan and a drainpipe to control the overflowing water and direct it outside.


It’s obvious why bathtubs are a common source of water damage. As showers age, it becomes more brittle and its caulking deteriorates. Take a look at the sealing in your shower, tub and soap dish. Inspect for weak points; be proactive and fix by removing the old and replacing with silicone.


A toilet leak is one of the harder water leaks to find when the toilet is located next to the tub. This is because it’s difficult to tell the difference between water from the toilet and water from the tub. Wet floors can come from an overflowing toilet, a loose hose in the toilet’s system, cracks in the bowl, or old caulking. Be sure to check these places frequently and seek help if you notice any extra water.


A broken or malfunctioning ice maker is a common way that homes become flooded. It doesn’t take long for the flooding from this to leak large amounts of water and cause a serious problem. Get in the habit of checking for moisture below your refrigerator to see if this is happening. Also, you should check your ice maker to ensure it is working before leaving the house for multiple days.

At Dixie Dry in Chesterfield we hope that water damage in your home is something you never have to deal with. However, if it does happen it will most likely be in one of the places discussed above. For any further questions or water damage needs you may have, we are always ready to step in and help!